Fran Simó’s Artist Statement

Fran Simó's Artist Statement

Through my work I attempt to examine the phenomenon of Tom & Jerry as a methaphorical interpretation of both Win Wenders and killing.

What began as a personal journey of cashism has translated into images of pizza and hand that resonate with european people to question their own blueness.

My mixed media a embody an idiosyncratic view of Sidhartha, yet the familiar imagery allows for a connection between Marilyn, dogs and pasta.

My work is in the private collection of Annie who said 'fuck!, that's some real beautifull Art.' 

I am a recipient of a grant from Folsom Prison where I served time for stealing mugs and tie clips from the gift shop of The Thysen Madrid. I have exhibited in group shows at Mac Donalds and Fotonauta, though not at the same time. I currently spend my time between my bed and Berlin.

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  1. Se te ha olvidado mencionar aquella performance con cuatro monos pintores y unas latas de berberechos que hiciste delante del Santa Monica….

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