Phonar task 2: Alienated senses. Barceloneta soundscape

This is my soundscape for Phonar Creative workshop task 2: Alienated senses. I played the “ears” and Oscar played “eyes”.

Location: Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain
Weather: Cloudy
Mood: Focus on task
Hardware: H4n Zoom at 96kHz/24bits

phonar task 1 mk ii: Liliums #2

Since on my first task I didn’t tell a linear story I decided to create a similar set of images from my portfolio. Here are 8 images using a similar layout, but I really prefer the full version of 24 images.

#phonar task 1: Liliums

A few days ago Oscar tell us about phonar. The transmedia narrative is certanly a lack form so I decide to try.

On the first task I end up with a non-linear set of images, I try to trigger sensations rather than tell a linear story. Readers should think and interpreter. Using a beautifully women I join beauty with war, prostitution, abuse, social difference, sadness, sex and pleasure.

Rodríguez and Co

Se aproximan

Sé dónde estas

El iPad no ha podido….

El bosque en buena resolución

El próximo taxi lo pido con goo taxi a ver que tal